Terms & Conditions Of Ticket Sales

  1. MyTicket Singapore, operating as SeatAdvisor Pte Ltd in Singapore, shall serve solely as the ticketing agent on behalf of the Promoter responsible for the promotion and production of the event for which they are sold. By purchasing tickets to the event, you are agreeing on your own behalf or as agent on behalf of others who you are purchasing tickets for, or who will be holding tickets purchased by you, to be bound by this Terms and Conditions.
  1. MyTicket Singapore shall not be held accountable for the production or quality of the event; all complaints shall be directed to and dealt with by the Promoter, unless MyTicket Singapore is the Promoter.
  1. MyTicket Singapore shall not be held liable for the quality, maintenance and management of the Venue of the event. All complaints are to be directed to and dealt with by the Venue Managers, unless the Venue is managed by MyTicket Singapore.
  1. Ticket Holder attending the Event does so entirely at his/her own risk. Ticket Holder voluntarily assumes all risks and danger incidental to the Event, including any adverse weather conditions, whether occurring before, during or after the Event, or arising directly or indirectly from Ticket Holder’s existing medical condition. Neither Promoter nor MyTicket Singapore accepts any liability for any loss or theft or personal property, accident, damage, personal injury, and death or health problem suffered in this respect.
  1. MyTicket Singapore and/or Promoter reserves the rights to postpone, cancel, interrupt or stop the Event due to adverse weather, safety, emergencies, threats or any other dangerous situations beyond its reasonable control.
  1. MyTicket Singapore will not process any exchange or refund of tickets under any circumstances, except at Promoter’s discretion if the event is postponed or cancelled, and then according to Promoter’s refund policy. Conditions of refund will be made available by Promoters at their official website.
  1. The ticket is a revocable license that may only be used to gain admission to the relevant Event and not for any other purposes. Entry may be refused and tickets made void, if the ticket has not been purchased from authorised points of sale, or if they are damaged, defaced, forged or copied in any way.
  1. Tickets may not, without the prior written consent of MyTicket Singapore or Promoter, be resold or offered for resale at a premium or be used for or in connection with any form of commercial or trade purposes (including but not limited to advertising, promotions, contests or sweepstakes) or be bundled with other goods or services, such circumstances being grounds for seizure or cancellation of tickets without refund or compensation and entry may be denied.
  1. Conditions of entry as imposed by Promoters or Venue Managers shall apply. These include, but may not be limited to: age and prohibited items. Promoters or Venue Managers shall reserve the right to inspect / search bags brought into or out of the Venue.
  1. Late arrivals may result in non-admittance until a suitable break is available in the programme for the Event, as determined by MyTicket Singapore and/or Promoter, and no refunds will be made.
  1. MyTicket Singapore and/or Promoter reserves the right to refuse admission or remove from the Venue any Ticket Holder who is intoxicated, disruptive, disorderly, acts inappropriately or creates an unsafe environment for all present at the event, including but not limited to players, employees, performers or patrons of the Event or does not comply with these T&Cs or the Venue’s conditions of entry at its sole discretion. Conditions of entry will be stated in the events detail, should there be any.
  1. Some events, at the Promoter’s request, may prohibit the use of cameras. Please refer to the official event webpage for specific information for the Event. If allowed, photographs taken within the Venue may be used only for private, non-commercial purposes. For the avoidance of doubt, commercial purposes include licensing, merchandising, memorabilia, endorsements or marketing. Making or distribution of broadcasts, commentaries, news reports or statistics (by any means in any format or media including any such commentary made by mobile phone or other wireless device) is prohibited.
  1. The Promoter reserves the rights to add, withdraw, reschedule, and substitute artists or players (where applicable) and vary advertised programmes, prices, Event times, Venue, seating arrangement or audience capacity without prior notice. MyTicket Singapore shall not be held accountable for the changes made.
  1. Ticket is neither redeemable by cash nor replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed, unless otherwise agreed by MyTicket Singapore or Promoter on receipt of evidence as to identification and purchase.
  1. Ticket Holders are responsible for their own conduct while in the Venue for the Event and must pay for the cost of repair of any damage caused to the Venue as a result of their conduct.
  1. Ticket Holder must not enter any area within the Venue that is restricted from public access and, if Ticket Holder does, he or she may be fined, expelled from the Venue, banned from attending further Events at the Venue and subject to legal action.
  1. Singapore law shall govern the sales of all tickets and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore Courts.
  1. MyTicket Singapore reserves the rights to amend the Terms and Conditions of the ticket sale, therefore Ticket Holder are held accountable to the stipulated Terms and Conditions at that given point of purchase.