Our Expertise

Online Ticketing
– Live ticketing in real time via interactive SeatMaps or “Best Available”.
– Online ticket sales and reservation operating at 24/7.
– Delivery method via Print-At-Home tickets, Box Office Collection, soft copy through patron emails, and any other outlets that may be added from time to time.
– Reach to more than 500,000 patrons all over Asia.

– E-tickets fully customizable by client.
– No cost for ticket stock.
– Patrons will receive original tickets in PDF format for direct entry to events.
– Option to password-lock e-tickets for greater security.
– Patrons may choose to print tickets or present soft copies stored on mobile devices for event access.

– HTML-Based SeatMaps built for any type of venue even tiered seating.
– Color coding that illustrates seats availability and price difference for patrons.
– Choice to use a “Best Available” search option to select seats.

Seat & View Photos  
– View photos provide an accurate depiction of the view and sightlines from chosen seats.  
– Seat photos provide a peek at gauging the comfort of their seats. 

360° Pano View  
– Panaromic images allow patrons to enter a venue without leaving their seats.  
– Works on almost all mobile devices and desktop computers. 

– Presales via promotional code for patrons to purchase before official launch date.  
– Presales periods ranging from hours to weeks.

Group Sale & Reservations
– Automatic invoicing for reservations.  
– Excess reservation can be deactivated and return to inventory immediately.  
– Reservation reports detailing outstanding orders. 

Mobile Interface  
– A Mobile purchase interface for patrons accessing through their device.  
– Utilizing the best available search function to secure tickets to an event for a patron. 

Box Office
– No hardware installation required.
– Cloud-based Ticketing System.

Ticket Sales
– Regular and Express sales to keep lines at the window to a minimum.
– Interactive SeatMaps to help operators inform patrons of all seating options.

Bundled Ticketing  
– Bundle multiple events and create packages to be sold.  
– Patrons can purchase multiple event tickets all at once.

Day-To-Day Reportings
– Day-To-Day Reporting that promotes the ease of Day-To-Day Box Office Sales Reconciliation.
– Live reporting that details every transaction completed.
– Customised reports to declare specific parameters to fit organization’s needs.
– Data is easily exported.

Access Control  
MyTicket Singapore provides an access control solution that integrates seamlessly to the SABO ticketing solution.  
– Access Control via mobile turnstiles or handheld barcode scanners.  
–  Live feed with unique barcode identification to prevent multiple entries.  
–  Simple to set up; which requires only a power source and stable internet connection. 


Patrons Management
– Gain insights in to patrons buying habits
– Helps to devise Marketing Strategies at targeted audience

Patron Attributes
– Assigning attributes to patrons to group and categorization.
– Assign promotions according to patron attributes

– Creating unique questions and/or rating scales to collect data.
– Determine how to improve your Events overall performances.

– Membership subscription.  
– Create “Member Only” events. 

Email Marketing
– Electronic-Direct-Mailing to every patrons, simplifying traditional email marketing.
– Real time reporting of your mailing campaign.

Social Media Integration
– Facebook Integration throughout online sales flow.
– AddThis integration to other social media platform.    

Google Analytics
– Analyze the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

Coupons & Promotional Codes
– Reduce rate codes to help drive sales.
– Print-At-Home tickets distributing dining and retail discounts to patrons.

Website Donation
– Accept Donations during an online sale.
– Dedicated link for donations.
– Receipts are automatically generated and delivered via email.

Donor Analysis
– Helps you to analyze your donors and steer your Fundraising Campaign towards specific directions
– Reporting of donations received throughout the Campaign

White Labeling
– “Online Sales Theme Editor” allowing customization of sales page.  
– Include your logo and any branding.  
– Iframing into your webpage for online ticketing sales. 

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